Boom Beach in the eyes of a Hardcore Gamer


If we were snotty editors -- which we obviously aren't -- we might say that having the distinction of being the best game of all time in iOS and Android is like having the distinction of being the tallest building in Topeka, Kansas. But Boom Beach holds that distinction, along with several international awards, for good reason. It's a colorful, easily accessible game the combines both base building and real-time strategy, and is set in the exotic archipelago. The real question is whether hardcore U.S. gamers, fat and satisfied off the meat of games like Clash of Clans and Clash of Lords 2, will really take the time to discover the Boom Beach's charms.

Boom Beach will be immediately familiar to strategy gamers. The goal of the game is not specific; your challenge is really to survive and flourish. Different gamers will take different routes to that destination. Martial gamers can mine ore for weapons and bide their time until their military is strong enough to roar. Merchant gamers can set up trading routes between neighbors and try to remain lean and profitable through commerce. And mercurial gamers can choose whatever tactic best suits their whims.

The single-player version of the game begins with ships, headquarter and looking to settling in a new island. The maps are predominantly made of water, with chains of islands scattered throughout. Each map can contain up to 50 islands, randomly generating from a database with over 700 islands and atolls, complete with mountains, flora and indigenous life. Players will have to quickly sail to an island, scout it for resources and then decide whether to settle it or move on. It's an interesting beginning because it forces players to take into account relative location to other islands. One large island may be richer in resources, but harder to completely colonize. But several smaller islands may be easier to control but for the gamer to spend more wood on ships.

Often the quickest route to success involves a little blasting and smiting of one's foes. Boom Beach places equal emphasis on both land and sea battles. Players must build barracks to train the soldiers, and research and grow to add to military technology. But as important and useful cavalry and cannons are, they are little use without control of the seas. The actual combat sequences are no more complicated than in other strategy games. Players will be able to attack, retreat and guard.

The graphics in Boom Beach scale nicely between on non HD or even those sporting quad HD phones and tablets. Even at the minimum setting, zoomed all the way out, the structures and ships were nicely individuated. And at the maximum setting, zoomed all the way in, there were plenty of nice details like juggling actors and unlucky thieves hanging from the gallows. The point of view is from the standard 3/4 isometric perspective, but the landscape can be rotated as necessary. The map is huge, easily allowing for several different fronts in battle, and can be quickly navigated when the hot spots pop up.

When we spoke to the developers from Supercell, they made it clear that ease of use was a priority. Hacking Boom Beach may not be as complicated and detail oriented as some strategy games out there, but the developers intended it that way. You don't market a million copies of a title but forcing gamers to take into account barometric readings when foresting for berries. The interface and gameplay of Boom Beach is designed to be complicated enough to allow for a variety and spontaneity in strategy, but not so overwhelming that it cuts itself off from a non-hardcore audience.

The Best Way Making Money In SimCity BuildIt

SimCity Buildit

One of the important thing you have to do with regards to playing SimCity BuildIt is to generate plenty of money. Purchasing gold in the Global Trade HQ and selling them on the Trade Depot. In case you have some reason for this kind of endeavor why you need to generate lots of money in the game, you can follow my strategy presented in this reveiw. Mine is to purhcase Storage while you can as well do your own style as long it will generate lots of money.

Here is what I've learned from buying something out from Global Trade HQ you need to be quick to go there and choose quickly because someone might me get those items you want to purchase. It is best to automatically to purchase the first page since the second page you need to scroll form left to right which takes a lot time.

After you have purchase the items for Global Trade HQ, you can put them in Trade Depot and you advertise them. You don't have to worry if other players online should buy or not because they will need these items you have display and during their advancement in the game playing SimCity BuildIt. There are materials you have to sale online so that other gamers will just buy those processed product from your Trade Depot rather than creating those materials from their Factories which requires lots of time and materials. Remember to note that this Global Trade HQ will come across to your entertainment if you are serious regarding playing the game. The good news regarding about putting products in Trade Depot is that you will have profit as it create sales to other Cities of the gamers online who are looking for these materials.

This is how SimCity  Buildit hack for iphone is so unique because you are not just developing the City but you provide gamers online or your City even with daily use materials like table, CC TV cameras, nails, plants, baskets, plates and more. You will be the one who will provide a price for these material you are going to sale. Although you cannot expect all materials are going to be sold, but you will have the assurance that later on those unsold materials will be sold later. You just have to wait patiently, selling materials will vary on the need of the other player online. So you have to guess what they really need during their development. Actuall SimCity BuildIt is the same with actual world because it feature day time and night time. While you can escape doing business in the morning in the game you can as well do some Trading during the night and expect profits in the morning.

Nintendo 3DS XL - Bigger, but is it Better?


It’s hard to believe that the 3DS has been around for four years now but that means it’s time for a mid life update and that’s exactly what we’ve got with the New Nintendo 3DSXL.  Take a look at the New 3DS and you’ll see it’s the same size as the last 3DS XL meaning this is no small handheld. It’s got a similar footprint to an iPhone 6 Plus but it’s nearly twice as thick making it tricky to fit in most pockets. Personally I always preferred the normal sized DS models but this time around Nintendo decided to go 3DS XL only here in North America.

They also brought back a glossy finish which looks good out of the box but makes it hard to keep it clean of fingerprints. One thing about the new 3DS XL is that the bottom screen is incredibly reflective. Now the top screen isn’t quite so bad but because the bottom screen has a resistive touchscreen layer that means that if you’re trying to play this thing outside it’s almost unusable, even with the screen brightness all the way up. There’s now a MicroSD card which makes sense however it’s hidden behind the rear panel which you’ll need a tiny Phillips screwdriver to open. Inside there’s a four gigabyte card included but for around $10 you can pick up a sixteen gig MicroSD to giveyou a bit more room for things like digital downloads.

Speaking of, if you’re upgrading from an older 3DS the transfer process is a serious chore. After going through menus for about five minutes I was able to transfer a single 3DS game and a couple Virtual Console titles over to the New 3DS in about 30 minutes over Wi-Fi so if you have a serious collection this could take quite a while. It’s not all bad though, there are some solid upgrades here. There’s now a new second directional stick which can come in handy for games like Super Smash Brothers to quickly use your Smash attacks. It’s an interesting design, the stick really doesn’t move very much but after a few minutes I was able to get the hang of it. There are also an extra set of shoulder buttons to give the New 3DS basically all of the controls from the old Circle Pad Pro.

There’s also been a big internal upgrade,the New 3DS XL is sporting twice as much memory and a quad core processor which supports Fifa 17 cheats. Menus are just as snappy as before but the real difference is in loading times, for optimized games like Smash it gets into the game in 17 seconds compared to a very slow 36 seconds on the2DS. The key here though is optimized, normal 3DS games aren’t any faster that I could tell but most newer games should load faster or even show improved graphics. We’ve also got support for Amiibo on the New 3DS. It works just as you would expect, drop the figure on the touchscreen and it brings it right into the game. Again this is mostly geared toward Smash right now but I imagine this will be popular with a lot of upcoming games.

One of the biggest upgrades for me is actually the 3D screen. It now tracks your face to adjust the 3D effect depending on where you’re sitting which is a huge improvement over earlier3DS’s which made you sit in a very narrow field of view. Before I never really used 3D but now it finally delivers on the promise of the original model back in 2011. If you’ve never owned a 3DS your choices really come down to the 2DS and New 3DS XL. For the extra $70 you’re getting better specs, extra controls and proper 3D which is going to make it worth it for a lot of people. If you already have an earlier 3DS though it’s a not such an obvious upgrade. Until games really start being optimized for the New 3DS you’re not getting a massively better experience and if you’re still holding onto an original small 3DS the added size might be a hassle.